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 Note to Salvage team.

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PostSubject: Note to Salvage team.   Sun Aug 29, 2010 4:14 pm

now i got the vibe a few ppl were a little upset with Salvage today... if this is the case then im sorry, that you feel that doing a event with friends and LS members is something you cant enjoy.

this was started as something we can do together and enjoy ourselves w/o needing a full alli. it was always gonna be hard and was gonna move slowly cause we are low-maning it. We started doing it for something to do and drops were a bonus, if you got summin then yay if ya didnt meh o well and if someone else got something you wanted also then the idea was for you to be as happy for them as you would be if you got the drop.

now i fully understand that some ppl come more often than others and/or been going for longer w/e. This dosent matter we are not a endgame LS we are a social ls and to be social we continue to try and be fair to everyone and if anything, the people with the most drops or come every week DO get more chances than others if you really feel like your not getting anything really look back at who got what last i think you will be a little surprised.

the droprate on gear in Salvage is SHIT we know this look how many times we killed the NM on first floor of SSR and we have only got the drop from it once in all those times, please dont be annoyed when you dont get a drop. because you know that we will keep going untill you do. i have tried making people relise that this isnt about drops its about hanging out with friends, and we are a team there isnt any leaders and there isnt anyone more important than anyone else.

as far as who gets what cells well tiki calls what i say and i have to call who gets what cause no one else wants to...
i am more than happy doing so and i am more than happy with trying to organize Salvage. as im sure many of you have relised by looking at my wish list i srsly am only here to help my friends get what they want and am trying to give cells to the people who will make the most use out of them lets be honest what would you do, give the cell to the person who has the HQ or the NQ of a item? and some people really do need some cells before others why give the thief weapons before the DD? well with out TH then gonna be hard to get anyone everything they want and the thief needs weapons for TH3. im sure i make mistakes and someone would have been better off with a cell than the person i gave it to but.... meh, not like we dont all make mistakes.

what im trying to say is, i know that i really enjoy salvage and i couldnt really care less if i get drops or not. lets all try together to help each other. We are still learning its not like any of us were in a salvage LS before, everytime we try a new way through the zone or a new NM its completely new to everyone. all in all we are only trying to have fun and its not worth getting stressed about.

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PostSubject: Re: Note to Salvage team.   Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:16 pm

Surely everyone knew this by now.

If you wanna have fun (sometimes) with ls peeps, not really bothered about dying, or gettin drops, as we should all know by now the drop rates are super lame. By all means come salvage with us. It's low manned, we barely make it half the time but when the planets are in alignment and we do get lucky, oh boy is it a good feeling (remembering our first LAC kill).

If you want strict rules, probably a smoother run with lots of people you dont know and a mediocre chance of having enough points and getting then getting a lucky roll amongst those people, go find an endgame ls to go with.

Sure its frustrating with us sometimes, but if someone lost their rag over cells then thats rather dissapointing.

Disclaimer: I was not on this run nor have I been in the game for the last three weeks or so, any events that occured leading up to, involving or during this event has nothing to do with me, so erm....suck my balls affraid

Hope to see you all tomorrow (bank holiday), common nvidia, dont let me down.

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PostSubject: Re: Note to Salvage team.   Tue Aug 31, 2010 1:50 pm

Cool {All right!} nice post Akk, exactly what I've been trying to say all this time Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Note to Salvage team.   Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:29 pm

it was not my best day.

On reflection i should not have gone to salvage that day, BUT i felt some of the comments made we're a tad unfair and a little provoking.

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PostSubject: Re: Note to Salvage team.   

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Note to Salvage team.
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