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 22/08 Sunday Salvage

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PostSubject: 22/08 Sunday Salvage   Mon Aug 23, 2010 4:45 am

ok now this thread has become really hard to keep up to date before the runs due to not knowing who will be available untill we see who turns up no point in me saying we gonna run SSR and then only ppl who come dont need anything from that area...

so yeah i will remain putting the results up and as for this sundays run

was good lil run 6 of us and cause we were going for the 4th floor NM we went without TH 0o was a bit of a gamble really but NM's drops are 100% so was just cell drops we were betting on and tbh they were considerably worse but we still mangaed to get to the 4th floor in less than 30 mins and with being able to farm a few extra mobs om 3rd floor so we got kei to sac pull and bon chi blast NM off her we pulled NM right back to behind the teleporter with that Daz, W and Bon all WS got a cheeky induration SC and then i sekkonoki Gekko, Kasha, Fusion waited for her to charm us but with that she used a tp move (not charm) and then she started casting blaze spikes so gave me time to 2hr so Gekko, Kasha, Fusion, Gekko again and i meditated again but before i had tp again the boys had raped finished her off very clean kill everyone was uber^^

with that we wiped on the next floor bloody gear trains

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PostSubject: Re: 22/08 Sunday Salvage   Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:25 am

Whoa, Akk needs to learn some gramma, that was a hard read ><

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22/08 Sunday Salvage
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