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 Wings Of The Godess

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PostSubject: Wings Of The Godess   Fri May 07, 2010 2:37 am

I'm currently on Quest 11 for both San d Oria and Bastok. Looking for help with both. I also intend to do Windurst Quest line also, so if anyone hasnt started them and wants someone to do them with just let me know. For those that havent done these missions, they are a lot like the Treasures Of Aht Urghan Missions, meaning lotsa cut scenes, so dont let the amount of Missions involved put you off. If you are into Storyline, like I am, WoTG missions have some excellent CSs and Storyline.

Not gonna set a date to do the Quests that I'm on at the moment, but will try to find a time soon.
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Wings Of The Godess
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